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It's All Political

Feb 26, 2018

Joe talks with “Silicon Valley’s Congressman” Ro Khanna. First he dishes on how star-struck his fellow House members get during the State of the Union. Then he discusses all the issues in which he’s way out in front of even his fellow Democrats -- like wanting to legalize marijuana nationally.

Feb 24, 2018

Longtime politicos thought California state Sen. Kevin de Leon was crazy to take on incumbent Sen. Dianne Feinstein. He's got a fraction of her money, most voters don't know who he is -- and 96 percent know who she is. But his chances could get a huge boost if delegates to this weekend's California Democratic Party...

Feb 22, 2018

Rep. Adam Schiff -- the thorn in the Trump Administration's heel for his dogged pursuit of the Russian meddling investigation -- joins the pod to talk about the probe, why talking about impeachment isn't helpful and why Trump has it all wrong on his nickname.

Feb 20, 2018

We get super wonky with George Lakoff, the message-framing guru who Democrats and progressive nonprofits turn to how to shape their ideas. He talks about the immigration battle, breaks down how progressives should respond to Trump’s tweets and throws rose petals -- much to Joe’s chagrin -- at new Democratic...

Feb 7, 2018

An “It’s All Political” double feature! Now that The Chronicle has hosted both the Republican and Democratic gubernatorial candidates, Joe breaks down what we’ve learned with Chronicle Editorial Page editor - and debate moderator - John Diaz. Then, Joe sits down with the newest GOP gubernatorial candidate,...